samedi 6 juin 2009

Surf Art à Comillas le samedi 13 juin...

... organisé par Flying Longboarder surfshop. Vous tous qui passez dans ce secteur du North Shore espagnol, faites le détour !! La Cantabrie en cette saison, mmmmhhh....
L'expo traitera des oeuvres de Joào Catarino. Très subtiles évocations de vagues et une douceur proche des estampes japonnaises. (indispensable visite sur son blog surfgraphics) et mention spéciale pour ses dessins de VW T2...

It's summer in Comillas. The sun appeared once again, the water temperature is much better, days are getting longer and longer and sometimes even allow 3 sessions a day, and it's already possible to surf with a shorty or even just a jacket.
These last weeks we have dedicated time to shape alaïas, to bodysurf, and interested ourselves in alternate ways to enjoy the waves for the months to come. Until now, we were evolving in a formatted environment, driven by outsiders. It seems that time is over, and we believe it is a fantastic moment to be a surfer. A time that allows us to pick whatever board or craft we feel like surfing. A time when finally surf matters more then equipment. A time that leaves more room and meaning to our feeling in the water, whatever our skill.
It makes us want to enjoy even more those next 3 months. We know that many of you live far away from the coast, but we hope we can encourage you to come more often to the beach and spend more time catching waves. It's important because you can't take back the time you spend far away from the ocean. It sounds a little dark, but it's not too late to react.
We thought we would give you an opportunity to start. Saturday June 13th, Flying organises the second surf night of the year, the first of the summer. We will present a new Surf Art exhibit, water colours made by Joao Catarino, a Portuguese artist, and we will stay open late listening to music and partying. See you then.)

2 commentaires:

  1. merci pour ce coup de pouce Stephan.
    je précise que le vernissage est ouvert à tous et que nous vous espérons nombreux pour partager nos histoires autour de quelques bières.
    à samedi, avec impatience !

  2. j'aime bien surtout l'interieur du combi ...dommage c un peu loin de chez moi...


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