jeudi 11 juin 2009

Mat surfing...

...la suite.
Mon premier post sur cette forme de glisse ne pouvait être complet sans mentionner l'autre grand acteur du microcosme "matelas" :
Dale Salomonson. Derrière Neumatic Surfcraft se cache un vrai créateur de haute couture. On peut voir ses réalisations dans des films comme Surfing Libéria (voir la photo plus bas), Dogtown and Z boys, Musica Surfica et des gens comme les frères Malloy ou Dave Rastovitch les ont adopté. Voir le commentaire enthousiaste du même Dave :
"Hi Dale,

well thank you very, very much for the experiences that I have already had on the mats. They are blowing both mine and my friend's minds with the amounts of fun they create. I have accumulated enough feelings to be able to slightly intellectually understand what's going on with the mats. Yet can only really say that it feels as though I will be perpetually and infinitely learning how to ride them... I have been out in four foot point surf and one to two foot beach surf and they seem to excel in both... the one with rocker is my favorite until I jump on the flat one and after a couple of waves the flat one is my favorite...

I am riding them with a fair amount of air pressure and this seems to be good for me... cause when they are flatter they are a little too sensitive for a brute like me to man handle them and still maintain speed... Mike Stewart rode them with me and had a blast!! Ozzie Wright who is Australia's best air surfer rode them with me and was blown out... Margo another of Oz's top surfers loved them too... the list goes on... and the infectious nature of the mat is definitely spreading throughout the circle around me... so thanks mate.

...I hope to keep on expanding my sensory ability with the mats and thank you very very much for creating such a great experience for me... I really feel like my quiver of ocean craft is virtually perfect now that I have your mats in it... and am going into the surf on any day and feeling the joy of a little grom that is learning something from the very beginning...

yours in joy, Dave Rastovich

(extrait d'un article de 9 pages sur All about surf)

Un post à lire aussi sur Talkin' Story avec des commentaires pro et contre le matelas qui permettent de se faire une idée. Au moins tant que je n'aurai pas essayé moi même...

Crédit photos :
First photo - George Greenough in Australia on a Neumatic surf mat. The photo was taken by Harold "Wardie" Ward, longtime friend of George Greenough. Second photo - Bruce Cowan in California on a Neumatic. The photo was taken by JHall. His blog is called Daily Bread http://dalybread.blogspot.com/ Third photo - a young man holding a Neumatic in Liberia. Photo courtesy of Sliding Liberia http://www.slidingliberia.com/Fourth photo - Bruce Cowan in California on a Neumatic. The photo was taken by JHall. His blog is called Daily Bread http://dalybread.blogspot.com/

Merci Dale pour la précision !

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  1. superbe lettre ! il fallait mettre la main dessus, chapeau

  2. Les mots et les images ne décrivent pas l'amusement. Obtenez une natte et


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